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Residential Roof Repair

Roof Rx® has been providing residential roof repair since 1998. Most roofing companies will insist on a new roof when it can actually be repaired. Why spend $1,000s on a new roof when a high quality roof repair will do? Our company certified roofers can diagnose and resolve any roof issue. If a structure has a roof on it, chances are we can repair it including mobile homes.

Most roofs fail primarily due to neglect. Other reasons include improper design, improper installation, or use of poor materials.

Roof Types. Our certified company roofers perform repairs on the following roof types:

Asphalt (composition) roofs  •  Cedar roofs  •  Clay tile roofs  •  Concrete tile roofs  •  Copper roofs  •  Flat roofs  •  Metal roofs •  Rubber roofs •  Slate roofs •  Wood Shake roofs • Wood Shingle roofs  •  Spanish tile roofs  • Steel roofs    Cap sheet

Roof Repairs Due to Wear and Tear

Roofs are continually exposed to elements such as heat, wind, rain, and ice. By performing routine roof maintenance, you can ensure that your roof lasts for its true lifespan. Periodic roof inspection can detect small problems from becoming larger, expensive, and inconvenient. 

Roof Repair & Maintenance

-Missing, broken, or cracked roof shingles
-Blistering on asphalt shingles
-Flashing roof repair for pipes, chimneys, vents, and roof edges
-Roof valley repair
-Ridge vent repair
-Disloged shingles
-Clogged rain gutters

Dry Rot Roof Repair

Dry rot is a term that refers to wood decay brought on by fungus. The wood's fibers are broken down becoming brittle. It is found in the poorly or unventilated areas of the home because of moisture. If it grows signifcantly enough it can be visible on plastic and walls.In some cases a strong mushroom odor can be detected. Other signs can be staining particularly on the floor boards if has spread.

This can be corrected by addressing the roof leak that caused it. It may be necessary to replace the wood depending on the extent of the damage

If you suspect you have dry rot or its reported on the roof inspection report, do not put this off as it could result in a roof replacement. Please call us immediately.

Roof Damage. Todays roofs are designed to handle typical loads of wind, rain, or heat. Occassionally more extreme events can occur. We can repair the following:

-Roof wind damage
-Hail roof damage
-Tree damage

Roof Repair Emergency?

1. The first step it to protect your interior by finding something to collect the water. 
2. Move any items that may be damaged ASAP 
3. Call us IMMEDIATELY.  Toll-Free (800) 676-8888 . 

We will work with you to thoroughly assess the situation.

Roof Leak Repair Experts

Roof Rx® handles all types of residential roof leak repairs including tile roof leaks, concrete tile roof leaks, flat roof leaks and most commonly BUR roof leaks known as tar and gravel roofs. A roof leak can compromise the waterproof seal on your roof and leave your home vulnerable to interior water damage. Once moisture accumulates in the insulation, it can lead to mold (highly toxic) or wood rot which weakens the structure of your roof. This may result in damage to the drywall or even cracked ceilings due to water stains. A roof leak should be addressed right away to stop further damage and to avoid expensive repairs. Small roof leaks are the most damaging as may take several years to show any evidence.

Even if you plan on getting a new roof, a roof leak should never be postponed.  Doing so may compromise the sheathing or lead to rotted framing.


Since 1998, Roof Rx® has specialized in the diagnosis and repair of roof leaks for all roof types. We are roof leak repair experts.

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Some of our work: A tile roof leak repair

Los Angeles Tile Roof Leak Repair

Note: tile discoloration due to normal wear and tear.

Types of Roof Leaks:

a. Tile roof leaks - Broken tlles or cracked tiles (with hairline cracks can be very difficult to spot) occur. Tile roof leaks can also occur because of defective tiles or improper installation of the underlayment or roofing battens. Roofing battens are are used to provide the fixing point for roofing sheet or roof tiles. 

a. Valley Leaks - all roofs have intersecting sections where two parts of the roof meet. If installed incorrectly, water can pool near the seams.

b. Roof vent leaks - The housing can crack or the seam can break on a metal one.

c. Wall/Dormer Leaks - wind driven rain can enter from windows due to cracked caulk or missing siding. Even if the caulk looks intact it may lack a proper seal.

d. Step flashing leaks - This flashing guides the water against the wall over the shingles downhill. If its loose, the water will run behind it and enter the house.

f. Chimney leaks - Typically the chimney flashing is damaged and water stains will show. In some cases, the bricks are too porous and eventually the rain will makes its way to the inside. Wood siding can also be suspect as it can split and may not be visible.

g. Skylight leaks - A skylight leak can be attributed to two potential sources. 

1. Skylight flashing leak. If the water stain appears on the top its likely attributed to the flashing and should only be repaired by a professional. It is possible that the leak could be coming from nearby flashing around a vent and only appear to be a skylight leak. 

2. Leak from Condensation.  The condensation channel of the skylight could be clogged. The skylight tunnel could also contribute if its not properly insulated.

h. Ridge cap leak - This can occur from someone improperly walking on the roof or even wear from a rope harness. if the ridge cap is worn enough it will expose the the plywood below. Other causes are from the end caps not sealed properly or no sealant at all. 

I. A/C Unit leaks  - Due to the vibration the unit fasteners can loosen and cause water to penetrate resulting in a roof leak. In addition, if the untit is not functioning correctly, it can result in drainage issues and shorten the lifesspan of the roof. The P-trap ensure that condensate properly reaches the drain. Otehr issues may pertains to the flashing and may not be insulated correctly.

A/C units should be routinely inspected.

Roof Inspection

Our annual proprietary 19-point roof inspection will uncover any cracked, missing, or aging shingles, loose roof seams, potentially clogging rain gutters and other trouble signs. A roof inspection is recommended twice a year or after a major storm. Only a periodic roof inspection can detect problems before they begin. Avoid roof leaks and unnecessary expense by knowing the true condition of your roof. Visit the NCRA, National Roofing Contractor's Association for their roof checkup guide for homeowners.

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