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Roof Repair Solutions

Our promise, your advantage.

Roof Rx® implements cost savings and conservation minded roof repair solutions for the maximum possible value. We have the highest quality roof repair and maintenance standards in the industry. Our company trained roofers can resolve any roof issue — commercial or residential. 

We provide unbiased information so you'll know the true condition of your roof. You'll know whether you truly need a roof replacement or not.

How Our Solution Works

1.  Speak With a Representative.

Our knowledgeable representatives are trained in every type of roof, all types of roof failures and they understand the issues that cause roof leaks. We start with some questions to understand the type of roof you have, the circumstances regarding the roof issue so we can determine the issue. 

A representative will walk you through an easy, hassle-free service roof repair solution.

2. Obtain a Roof Repair Estimate. 

Using satellite imagery, a representative will locate your home, ask some questions, and diagnose the problem over the telephone is less than 15 minutes. We'll know the scope of your roof leak or roof maintenance issue and can provide a free estimate.

3. Book Your Appointment.

Thru our Smart Dispatch™, we communicate information about your roof issue to our company certified roofer in real-time. Our service process eliminates the need for you to rearrange your schedule just to understand the problem and budget for the roof repair. 
Prior to your appointment, we will send a reminder. We save you time and money by taking the hassle out of scheduled service guaranteed!

Fast Roofing Service

With Roof Rx®, there's no waiting around for your work to be completed! We offer fast roof repair & can expedite these services when available, upon request. We can repair any type of roof including mobile homes. Our dispatched service ensures we'll be on time.

Once our roofer arrives at your home, they will have all of the information needed to start assesing the cause of the roof leak or roof issue. After the roof inspection, he will present his findings, discuss them with you, and make other recommendations if needed. We'll work within your budget and time frame to ensure your roof issue is addressed. 

Written Workmanship Warranty

Roof Rx® offers a 1-year roof workmanship warranty on all roof repairs. We continuue to have a remarkable track record repairing 1,000s of roofs. Rest assured that your roof repair will be completed with the utmost care and workmanship available. 

Certified Roofers

We have established a high quality roof repair solution for every possible permutation of roof failure. Our 19-point roof inspection process ensures our roofers are prepared to perform fast roof repair service. All of our company certified roofers have been trained in our proprietary methods, passed our screening standards, and are true professionals. You can rest assured that they will be reliable, professional, and will take great care of your home.

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