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Total Roof Warranty


There's more at risk than just your roof.

We developed the Total Roof Warranty™ to provide a critical need of roof leak coverage that didn’t previously exist. It is the most comprehensive and cost competitive roof warranty of its kind. It covers more roof items with less exclusions than any home warranty.

Heat, wind, and rain cause disruptive roof leaks. Without annual roof maintenance or roof inspection, most roof leaks go undetected. 

A roof leak can compromise the water tight seal on your home causing serious interior damage. It can attract destructive termites destroying personal valuables and family memories.

According to the NCRA's bulletin on a roof warranty, "A roofing warranty's length should not be the primary criterion in the selection of a roofing product or roof system because the warranty does not necessarily provide assurance of satisfactory roof system performance. A long-term warranty may be of little value to a consumer if the roof system does not perform satisfactorily and leaks".
Roof Warranty

Most home warranty companies provide limited roof leak coverage. Moreover, they often exclude the very things that cause or lead to roof failure such as gutters, flashings etc.  Please consult your home warranty's policy as it relates to roof coverage.

American Home Shield policyholders can save $40.00 off.

Roof Warranty Coverage

One (1) roof maintenance visit per agreement year.

  • All roof types including wood shingle, tile, wood shake, flat, slate, and metal (roof rated only)
  • Single family residences(1-4 units), condominiums, and mobile homes
  • Repair of specific roof leaks up to $1,000 per occurrence, $5,000 aggregate per service contract
  • Up to 5,000 sq. ft. per agreement, increments of additional 5,000 sq. ft available @ $199 each
  • No service fee for the maintenance visit

Roof Leak Coverage

  • Roof leaks caused by normal wear and tear
  • Broken or open roof flashing seals
  • Broken or damaged roof tiles, roof shingles, roof shakes, or flat roof material
  • Flashings and valleys
  • Felt paper or underlayment

How Coverage Works

1. A roof maintenance visit occurs approximately 30-45 days after COE

2. Up to $199.00 of roof repair(s) or roof maintenance are performed:

        A.  Sealing of up to 6 pipe/vent flashings Or 
        B.  Removal of up to 3 large bags of rooftop debris (30 lbs total) Or
        C.  Cleaning of up to 65 linear feet of 1st story roof gutters.

Order Your Roof Warranty

Order In 2 Easy Steps!

Step 1.  Submit an order online or by fax (877) 924-7879. 

Step 2.  Make payment with MasterCard, Visa, check, or by submitting complete escrow information.

Questions regarding coverage? Speak with a reprentative   |   (800) 676-8888 

Additional Information

Roof Maintenance: Includes one maintenance visit per contract. Maintenance includes all necessary service and roof repairs to ensure an ongoing watertight system including: sealing, cleaning, and roof level cleaning of rain gutters and roof drains. Roof Rx® will contact you approximately 30 days from the close of escrow or renewal date to schedule the maintenance visit. Roof Rx® requires one service visit (maintenance) in order to activate the service agreement for your Total Roof Waranty. Maintenance items noted as a deficiency on an original home or roof inspection report, which have not been repaired, will not be corrected at time of visit. Due to ongoing wear and tear, maintenance does not guarantee against future roof leaks not covered.

Not Covered: Damage to the roof or roof leaks caused by a condition other than normal wear and tear such as, but not limited to, persons walking on the roof, improper previous roof repairs, construction or installation defects, improperly installed valleys, exposed nail heads, roof leaks occurring from newly installed roof-mounted installations, consequential or secondary damage, repair of wood rot, and damage caused by acts of nature such as tornado, lightning, wind, hail, fire and earthquake. Roof system deficiencies identified on the original home or roof inspection and/or any other pre-existing conditions not repaired shall be excluded from coverage. The Total Roof Warranty™ also does not cover defects associated with roof mounted installations such as, but not limited to, skylights, roof vents, satellite dishes, solar panels etc.

Limitations: $1,000 per occurrence, $5,000 aggregate per warranty contract for maintenance or the diagnosis and repair of specific roof leaks. If the roof has deteriorated to the extent that the roof cannot be repaired without a partial or whole replacement, Roof Rx®’s liability is limited to $1,000.00 for the diagnosis and replacement of a roof provided that such replacement is completed by Roof Rx® or a designee.

Service Fee: a $50.00 service fee will apply for any claims for service agreements in affect.